Curriculum Design

My current project is to manage the design of a new curriculum for the Adult English Program at the BNC. To date, the Centro has not had a written curriculum, but has based teaching and program goals on the objectives listed in the books. With the coming of the 2021 bilingual plan for El Salvador, the creation of a written curriculum will not only be beneficial for the center’s teachers and students, but also for other institutions that will need to do the same. A well-written curriculum should contain the following key components: objectives, content, which is selected and organized according to clearly defined principles, teaching strategies, and evaluation. In the case of CCSA, the language curriculum should encompass both communication and cultural aspects. In viewing curriculum design as an on-going process, one important step is producing a comprehensive description of the unique needs of the student population; another is shaping a detailed description of the nature of the teaching and learning process; a third is the development of appropriate evaluation instruments; a fourth being the continual evaluation of the program and curriculum.

In part to share materials with teachers and administration, and also to help organize myself, I'll be periodically posting documents and workshop presentations here.

Evaluation of Adult English Program / Needs Analysis

Curriculum Mapping: Developing a Written Curriculum for the Adult English Program

CCSA Adult Program Teachers
San Salvador, El Salvador, September 18, 2007

Description of workshop:
Come help us work to improve the Adult English Program and re-define the goals and layout of the courses that we teach. This workshop will introduce you to the concept of curriculum mapping, explain its role in teaching and planning at CCS, and begin the process of mapping your courses in order to identify strengths and weakness in the program as it exists today.


Common European Framework

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